Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

“I was looking for a band. One that was hungry and willing to take a bullet for the cause. One day, while reading a local L.A. music magazine, I came a across a classified ad for a band looking for a singer. I don’t know what it was, but something made me call.” That’s all it took for the former vocalist of the platinum selling, Grammy nominated Buckcherry to form a new project.”Shine”is the first single released off of the debut album, “You Made Me.” The song will be accompanied by “a great looking but cost effective video with filmmaker Rob Hall, who’s worked with Marilyn Manson.” “Broken” is the song that shows the bands potential. It starts off with a simple, intense, driving bass riff and explodes in the opening chorus with Todd’s conviction leading the way. The song works into a quiet, melodic verse as the sustained distortion floods under Todd’s vocals. The band soon lays in choppy guitar work and explodes back into the chorus once again. While this is a typical for many rock artists, the band executes this formula well.

Unfortunately, the band, who’s influences are At the Drive-In and the Deftones, lack the creativity, originality and talent of their mentors. “The Walls” uses tiresome and redundant guitar tones and distortions reflecting 80’s metal to the likes of Metallica.

“Flowers and Cages” uses the standard 4/4 puck/rock beat audiences have been listening to since the 70’s and “Blast” uses distorted guitar harmonics that could easily be mistaken for Disturbed. Todd’s vocal melodies do the best they can given the music he has to work with.

Most of the record is hard and driving accompanied by some good melodies. The band might be worth checking out live because Josh Todd is one of the most dynamic and unique modern rock vocalists in the music scene. His lyrics speak with conviction, he has his own style, and he has the ability to pick out unique vocal melodies. Josh Todd is a great singer with an average band.

Album Grade: C

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