Tue. Jun 6th, 2023


The snow fell early this year, but the typical people who go sledding with improvised tools for a sled have not been spotted. Maybe they went trick-or-treating in the snow instead. 

Snow is expected every year, whether or not it comes or even how much. In addition to shock, I sat in amazement as I watched the snow fall, covering our campus. It’s not often you see snow fall before you can’t escape from radio stations playing Holiday songs. Somehow it happened, even before Halloween. 

Seeing Elmo and Big Bird, along with Ernie and Burt, and other pairs such as Woody and Buzz Light Year dodging snow flakes with three aliens following behind them, that would be a new sight for most. 

While some people did last minute costume shopping, other people put together a last minute costume, working with the supplies they own. A fun part of Halloween is guessing what a costume is, or in some cases, guessing what that persons costume is suppose to represent. While playing such a guessing game, I found many friends reliving their childhood TV moments, as they attempted to recall cartoons and character names. 

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed a build up to Halloween with horror movies and theme related flicks. I’ll listen to Halloween music, until it scares me of course. During my trick or treating days, I would sort through my candy with friends, just like everyone else did when they ended their rounds for the night. 

One aspect I love most about Halloween is that you can have a different costume every year and do different activities for the Halloween weekend. You could always wear the same costume for another year, but what may change are the interactions you have. Strive to make every holiday better than the last. 

Enjoy the various articles for our Halloween edition. Have a safe and happy Halloween. 


~ Ginger Rae 


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