Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

This fall, there are a plethora of trends that are popular. No matter if one is preppy or more into the gothic style, there is definitely something for everyone this season. Color is a big trend this season no matter what the style. From fire engine red to cobalt blue, bright primary colors are filling the runways on almost every item imaginable.

Color is especially appearing in coats, which Instyle.com calls “statement coats” because whoever wears it stands out. These coats come in all colors from ebony black to bright white.

Another trend this season, according to Instyle.com, is “School Boy Chic.” This means, girls are wearing men’s preppy- style vests and ties paired with items such as plaid knickers, blazers and scarves. As for shoes to go with this look, a high heel update of the British-inspired Oxford-style shoe will give this look the finishing touch it needs. Full skirts and knits in all colors and textures are also extremely popular.

As for accessories this season, there are many styles to choose from that bring out an individual’s personality. From preppy sneakers to bohemian bags, there is something for everybody to rock this fall. Some of the accessories that are out even have autumn accents with rich colors such as yellow and brown that resemble the leaves that will begin to fall in the coming weeks.

Men also have many style options to pick from this fall. According to Men.Style.com, popular trends that will make men feel like “King of the Hill” this autumn are winter items such as sweaters, ski jackets and corduroys. Like the women, men’s style is also very British-inspired this season.

Designers are using a lot of tweed and Fair Isle patterns that look like they are straight out of the UK. This look can be brought to life by wearing crisp slacks, vests, a button-down collared shirt and finishing off with Oxford shoes and a newsboy cap.

As for style here at WCU, it is about as diverse this fall as the New York City runway.

At West Chester University, there are many trends throughout campus. From clothing to accessories, no matter how a person dresses, they are most likely going to be able to find a group that they fit in with while maintaining their individuality due to the numerous amount of trends found on campus.

One of the accessory trends seen a lot recently are big sunglasses, which a lot of girls on campus are fans of. Celebrities like Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton influenced this trend.

As for clothing there are many styles on the market this season and on display on WCU students.

“I like summer dresses with leggings,” fourth-year student Natalie Spina said. “That’s my new favorite thing.”

Leggings can be worn with many other things besides summer dresses including tank tops, t-shirts and hoodies. The shoe of choice with this type of outfit is a ballet flat,

So, as you can see, style for this season can accommodate all students, no matter how much money they are willing to spend or what their into.

Samantha Greenberg is a first-year student majoring in English. She can be reached at SG655862@wcupa.edu.

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