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For the past few years, the staff of Sykes Student Union has been reporting acts of disorderly conduct by West Chester University students. The reports include stealing from Ram’s Head Food Court, improper usage of the furniture and rooms, students skateboarding on the steps and an improper noise level in the Frederick Douglass quiet lounge and computer lab, located on the third floor.

Giancarlo Brugnolo, the student director of Sykes Student Union, reports that there have always been troublesome students causing damage.

“There has mainly been minor damage, but it’s enough to be concerned about.” Brugnolo said.

The staff at Sykes has taken prohibitory measures to stop the disorderly acts. Such measures include the directors doing rounds on each level of the building and holding meetings before the school year begins with the organizations to go over code of conduct.

“We prefer to prevent it as much as possible,” Brugnolo said.

Students who perform such acts in Sykes Student Union do face disciplinary results. The first offense includes a warning. Afterwards, the second offense is a fine for the damage done or causing a disruption is issued. On the third offense, the student is then prohibited from the building for a set amount of time.

If the student fails to comply with the rules after that, then the judicial system and Public Safety become involved. A hearing is held and charges are pressed.

Brugnolo reports that there have been incidents where it has gone as far as to call Public Safety. However, the staff only calls Public Safety in extreme cases, except for when a student steals something from Ram’s Head.

“Aramak requires that we call Public Safety immediately whenever something is stolen in Ram’s Head and press charges,” Brugnolo said. “It’s their policy.”

Allegedly, one of the biggest problems occurring is hide-and-go-seek games in the third floor quiet lounge, therefore causing noise and disruption.

“We have had students come down to the information desk and complain of the noise in the quiet lounge,” Brugnolo said. “Then we have to go and investigate.”

Brugnolo said that students need to remember that the building is made for the students and they should try to be respectful of the other students.

Jenn Halligan is a first-year student majoring in Secondary English Education. She can be reached at

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