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These days, a successful college career means a campus with a fully integrated computer network system with wi-fi and fast, helpful tech support. Students want and need a variety of choices for how to go about getting technical support services throughout their time in college.At West Chester University, students have access to a system called ResNet as a part of the campus network. Come time to get that major term paper submitted through TurnItIn, a WCU Blackboard feature, students want reliability to prevent last minute technical problems.

When it comes to ResNet, one student has not had any complaints so far this academic year in regards to her ResNet network connectivity.

“My connection this year has been fine,” Mary Nesbitt said, a 20 year old Criminal Justice major. “But last year, they [ResNet] sent out a consultant over to fix the connection going into the wall.”

When it comes to computer network support companies, consultants may have better feedback in one type of service than in another.

Numerous TV commercials or paper ads that attempt to sell computer network services all claim there are the best in all around service.

“The only flaw is time,” Nesbitt said, regarding how long it sometimes takes for a consultant to get back to a network user seeking technical support.

For any college student, the feeling of being in a time crunch and adding final touches to a term paper enough in itself to handle. Add a bad network connection or slow tech support, or both, as a term paper deadline draws nearer makes way for some stressful moments.

However, according to the university web site, ResNet has a fully web-based means of providing technical support to WCU students experiencing technical difficulty with computers.

TRAX, according to the university web site, is a 24-hour support service, featuring a searchable database of common technical problems and solutions.

According to the university web site, ResNet also offers technical support services for both hardware and software related problems that arise within students’ computers.

Whether a student’s preference is a laptop or a desktop computer, ResNet can provide the needed technical support services.

“You can bring a laptop to them [ResNet],” Nesbitt said. “If you have a desktop, you just bring the tower.”

Nesbitt also stated that ResNet has a checklist of what students should bring with them when their computers require technical support.

Also, according to Nesbitt, ResNet is not responsible for certain losses or damages to students’ computers while being worked on by tech savvy consultants.

ResNet, according to the university web site, also lists a variety of recommended security related downloads for students’ computers, guarding their systems from numerous threats. The Sophos Anti-virus software is one download that students can use for this purpose, according to the ResNet 2006 brochure. Also, according to the ResNet brochure, students should run updates on a regular basis for best security from computer viruses.

Students at WCU get more than just the usual services such as technical support and security downloads through ResNet.

According to the university web site, the ResNet provides

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