Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The sequestration will go into effect since congress failed to make a compromise. When sequestration goes into effect, Pennsylvania will lose $26.4 million in funding for primary and secondary education, $5,705,000 in environmental funding, $866,000 in funding for job search programs, and many other programs. Pennsylvania is not the only state which will lose valuable programs. These cuts will go across the country to federal and state governments.

Governor Tom Corbett’s attempt to privatize the state lottery system was recently struck down as unconstitutional by Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Governor Corbett’s plan was to sell the rights of the state lottery over to a private company called Camelot. The ruling was not fought by Governor Corbett, although he did express his displeasure and regret at the ruling. The move to privatize the lottery was not very popular. A main reason is that Camelot is a London based company. Many Pennsylvanians did not like the fact that we would sell our state-run lottery to a foreign company. Another reason is that Governor Corbett tried to go around the legislator. The governor overstepped his boundaries with this decision. He should have gotten legislative approval before he tried to dramatically change the state government.

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