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Dave Magrogran, owner of Kildare’s and Doc Magrogan’s, gave a motivational presentation titled “Rhino Living” on Tuesday evening, Jan. 27 in Sykes Theatre. Magrogan is a young professional whose success was not simply handed to him. His accomplishments are a result of his perspective on life. He took his time in Sykes Theatre to teach West Chester University students his philosophy for success, and that philosophy is “rhino living.”

From Magrogan’s perspective, people are either rhinos or cows. The rhino knows how to survive in the world because it is single-minded and goes non-stop until it gets what it wants. There are differences in how a rhino lives its life and how a cow lives its life.

A cow is cautious, takes more than it gives, does the least amount of work possible, complains and blames others when there are problems.

A rhino gives all its got, ignores distractions, goes the extra mile, makes sacrifices for success, and accepts responsibility for whatever happens.

With rhinos, success is inevitable. Magrogan explained that there are four “laws of the jungle” that represent the way the real business world works. It is keeping these laws in mind that allow for rhinos to make it in the jungle of life. Magrogan’s laws of the jungle are:

Law of Cause and Effect and Compensation- This means that people get what they deserve based on what they put out. If they do little, they get little. If they do a lot, they get a lot.

Law of Attraction- The meaning behind this law is that rhinos resonate with each other. Like attracts like. Positive and successful people will draw other positive and successful people to them.

Law of Persistence- The strong survive and the weak bail out when the going gets tough. Rhinos never give up and have personal initiative. Rhinos know that failure is a part of life and they do not let it get them down.

Law of Abundance- There is enough to go around for everyone. Rhinos do not need to stampede over other Rhinos to get what they want. How much a person values his/herself determines how much abundance comes its way.

After introducing students to the laws of the jungle, Magrogan explained that it is not enough to just know and understand these laws. For a rhino to truly be a rhino and to succeed in life, the person has to know how to engage in good goal setting. According to Magrogan, a goal is only an idea if a person does not commit to it. There are five steps to help a person commit to his/her goals:

Clear the Mental Clutter- A goal has to mean something to the person. He/she needs to focus on the chief aim and less on little goals.

Get Your Self Image on Board- whatever doubts or issues a person may have about his/her goals, he/she needs to forget about those issues and believe that the goal will be reached.

Write Your Goals Down- Writing down his/her goals gives a rhino something to charge towards. Writing down a goal also reactivates a person’s subconscious memory of that goal. Read Your Goals Twice Daily- When a person reads his or her goals aloud with energy and enthusiasm, they seem much more achievable.

Persist and Adapt- It is only realistic to expect failure and to have setbacks. It is all about how a person chooses to adapt to those obstacles and whether he/she continues to charge forward.

Rhinos always charge toward their goals. Everyone has the capability of being a rhino, according to Magrogran.

People have control over their success and attitude and cannot allow other people or obstacles to bring them down. They need to eliminate the cows and surround themselves with rhinos.

Rhinos do not let things simply happen to them. Rather, they create the lives that they live and make their own success.

Anna Moronski is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at

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