Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

If you are reading this, I want to congratulate you on several things: First off, you have survived the semester. Yes, I know this has been published prior to finals week, but I’ve found that the two/three weeks prior to exams seem to be the most stressful on students, whether due to an overloaded schedule or brain, a lack of Flex dollars, or the taunt of freedom offered by Thanksgiving Break. Though I wish you all luck on your exams, I think any of us still standing in December have already achieved some sense of victory in the semester. When we’ll feel it though, is another story.

Second – you have a vested interest in your surroundings at this university. At the risk of sounding journalistically unprofessional – that’s really awesome. The Quad is only one of the communication publications on campus, and we greatly support the other student-driven outlets at WCU, like WCUR 91.7FM and WCU-TV5. Still, we are tremendously grateful for your continued readership, whether your interests lie in sports, news, movies, or Sudoku. We are so enthused by students who are genuinely immersed in the happenings of the campus. Thank you.

Third – if you are holding these pages of The Quad within your hands, whether over coffee, whatever is served at Lawrence today, or while sitting on chilly bus stop benches, you now possess the final issue of The Quad in this format.

As I briefly hinted in an earlier editorial, The Quad will be changing its size, look and format for our 100th edition in the spring. Our budget hasn’t been as comfortable or roomy as we’d like, since most of our income lies in advertisements and the economy is tight in every facet of business. Therefore, we’re initiating these changes in order to stay on top of our financial resources. We will be a slightly smaller, more condensed size, but we won’t condense our coverage of the campus. Additionally, due to our new size and publisher (located in Exton), we’ll be able to bring down advertising rates, while keeping our discounts for WCU student organizations and offices.

*note: if you are interested in obtaining our new advertising rate sheet, please e-mail or

So again, thank you for your readership throughout this semester, and we hope you’ll be pleased with the changes we will implement over winter break.

peace to you,
Editor in Chief

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