Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

To the Editor:
I am writing to first say that my roommate and I really enjoyed Anthony Maalouf’s article titled “Bush provides action and progress” in the March 2, 2004 edition of The Quad. I am glad to finally see an article that is supporting George Bush and his efforts to improve our country.It is also refreshing to hear the facts about what he has done in office the past four years.

On the contrary, I feel that Jaylyn Bergner’s article, “America must reduce ignorance and waste” was anti-American and unpatriotic. I totally disagree with her statements about how “Americans are wasteful and give no future thought to the environment or how it affects those both in the direct future and in different countries.” What evidence does she have or right for that matter to say that about Americans? Furthermore, being that she is an American, I would think she would have a little more pride in her country. We are by far the most diverse country and no one should say that we are unwelcoming or ignorant when we travel to other countries.

We let anyone into our country, which is why people flock to the United States of America. If Americans want to travel into other countries, why should they be ridiculed for speaking English or eating at McDonald’s? Obviously McDonald’s is over in those countries for a reason and those people eat fast food as well.

I feel Miss Bergner was out of line writing this article and she has no evidence to back up her ridiculous allegations about her own people, the Americans.

Even though this is her opinion, I cannot believe that it was published for the entire University to read because it has no validity or backbone whatsoever. I would appreciate more educational, informational articles to be published instead of people’s ignorant opinions all the time.

Tina Sica
WCU Senior

To the Editor:
I moved to West Chester about four months ago, and while I have loved living in this town, there is one serious problem that I am very unhappy about: the lack of acknowledgement that your students seem to show for the fact that there is a residential community surrounding West Chester University.

I am addressing those students who walk past my home on the way from the bars at 1 and 2 in the morning, screaming at the top of their lungs. I am addressing those students who find it physically impossible to carry a piece of garbage until a trash can is located and must dispose of their beer cans, cigarette cartons, paper plates, pizza crusts, etc. in my front yard. I am tired of spending every weekend, exhausted from lack of sleep, in my front yard with a garbage bag, picking up after children who are old enough to know better.

If I were associated with West Chester University, I would be embarrassed by the way these students conduct themselves. They are old enough to know to keep their voices down late at night and to not litter in the yards of people’s homes.

I would also like to suggest to the fraternities and sororities in my neighborhood that you make one of your community service projects a neighborhood clean-up, so that I don’t have to fear when my children go out in the yard that they are putting in their mouths what your fellow students left behind.

Take pride in your neighborhood! West Chester is just a temporary stop for most of you on the path of your life, but for us, your neighbors, it is our permanent home, where we return after a long day, where we tuck our children in at night, where we walk our dogs and where we live our lives.

Please keep that in mind the next time you make your way home after hours. Embrace your community and respect your neighbors. We would like to live with you, not in spite of you.

Katherine Harper
West Chester Resident

To the Editor:
Once again we find our-selves taking up space in The Quad, this time about St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m going to start out my rebuttal to the article about commercializing St. Patrick’s Day by saying to Erin, if you don’t like our country, there are many others out there for you to move to.

Sure the holiday has become commercialized and turned into an Irish-American holiday, but you only bring out the negative aspects of this celebration. Unless you’re 100 percent Irish, which you don’t look like, then keep quiet and let the Irish fight your argument. I don’t see any Irish standing up and complaining. Do you know why, Erin? It’s because of profit, it’s because of a sense of togetherness, and it’s because of the fact that the true Irish recognize their heritage with all of the past downfalls and choose to honor it in their own way and celebrate St. Patty’s Day with their neighbor, their boss, or anyone else who is not Irish.

It’s people like you who remind me that there is still prejudice in this country. Our country is comprised of Irish, German, Asian, African- American and many others that came to this great country for so many different reasons. How about each of us as individual nationalities keep to ourselves and shun others during our own holidays throughout the year; or how about not! Do you really believe that all of the Irish were going to church on St. Patty’s Day and the Americans decided to change this day into a day of drinking? I think not. Americans joined in when the Irish decided to share their heritage.

American’s never stripped, or as you put it, “raped” the Irish of their identity. If anything, we as American’s celebrate the Irish and are here to learn from them. Neither I, nor anyone else from this time period, witnessed the hardships the Irish endured, nor should we be held accountable; however, recognizing mistakes of our past history such as “Irish Need Not Apply” signs helps our country to unite.

I lived next to a family of McDermott’s for ten years, and saw the father of the house walk proudly with his flag marching up the street on St. Patty’s Day. Sure he might have been three sheets to the wind, but no one made fun of him for his heritage, no one.

For all of the Americans who travel to Ireland for several days, or all of the local Irish bars that have lines to get into them on this holiday, I’m sure every Irishman, especially the ones who are making loads of bucks, are really complaining. You say, and I quote, “St. Patrick’s Day has infected the Irish tourist boards to the point that they now put on a three day event.” How much money do you think this brings in? I don’t have to say anything else. I just have to ask you to please, please stop using our beloved Quad as your own personal complaint forum, especially when your complaints don’t even involve you.

Nicholas J. Hulik
WCU Student

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