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Let’s be honest: dating is full of uncertainty. Whether you are 19 or 49 the question of “will he call me or not” still crosses one’s mind. Ironically, that’s what makes it so exciting (although occasionally disappointing). The thrill of waiting to see if that new guy you met Saturday night will call you or, somewhere down the line, fall for you. Sometimes, though, the signals can get a little too mixed and you can become confused on whether or not to hang on or let it go. This is what I like to call ‘getting mixed up on mixed signals.’Guys, just like girls, have a knack for sending mixed signals to the opposite sex. We are guilty of it at some point or another. But what if you could decipher his most contradictory move’s so you would know what was really going on.and what to do? Maybe you can.

Mixed Signal #1: He asks for your number but never calls! What’s up with that?

No matter how much that “hottie” at the bar or house party flirted with you last night as you slipped him your number, it’s best to assume that he won’t call. Remember, asking for your number is certainly not a promise to call. Don’t get discouraged! Your intuition wasn’t misleading you; odds are he was probably having a good time with you when he asked you for your digits. But people like to keep their options open especially in college. They like to have time to think about whether to call later. As time passed, and still no call, its possible that he may have come to a realization that you’re not his type. Or quite the opposite. He could have felt too insecure to call you. No matter the reason (which you might never know) it is best to just forget about it and move on. The worst move you can make is to hunt him down. Bottom line: He has your number. If he’s interested, he will call.

Mixed Signal #2: He claims he wants to be “exclusive” but then never introduces you as his girlfriend to his buddies.

“Words are cheap.” It’s a simple statement but there is much truth behind it. If he isn’t referring to you as his girlfriend, chances are you’re not and, moreover, he might be hiding something. However there are some exceptions. Some guys don’t like relationship titles and don’t feel the need to use them. He may consider the word “girlfriend” to be too juvenile for his liking. The only way to know for sure is to do a little research on your own.

Ask him for clarification of the word exclusive, and ask what it means to him. Make it light and don’t come on as being too over bearing; this could just turn him off to the conversation altogether. Pay attention to his response and even closer attention to his emotions when he says it. Is he comfortable or does he react like a caged animal? Nonetheless, his reaction will give you the honest answer on your relationship standing.

Mixed Signal #3: He’s always taking you out on lots of dates and compliments you about a million times on them.but he doesn’t try to kiss you.

Let’s get something straight: Guys are scared of rejection (believe it or not) and sometimes this prevents them from making the first move. It could be up to you to get the ball rolling this time. You may feel that you couldn’t be any more obvious about your feelings for him but maybe you need to start sending some definite clues that you want things to get physical. Try going for a kiss and see what happens. But, if that’s not your style, attempt to make some subtle moves: standing a bit closer to him than normal, holding his hand, making eye contact and casually drifting your gaze to his lips while he’s talking to you are signs pointing to “kiss me!”

Vicky Hoover is a fourth-year student majoring in liberal studies with minors in journalism and education. She can be reached at

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