Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

What were you doing Tuesday night? Making dinner? Going on a run? Well if you are like the 8.7 million other Americans, you were parked in front of the television anxiously waiting the premier of “Glee.”

As usual, “Glee” started at 8p.m. on Fox television, and this year many were less than impressed.  Not only did the plot emulate all of those from the previous seasons, but the songs were drab and the characters were seemingly unchanged.

There were some aspects that made it worth watching, though. As we know, New Directions lost at Nationals last year and they all have bigger hopes for this year. Quinn turned completely anti-social. She dyed her hair, got a nose ring, and is now part of a group called the “skanks.”

Other changes include Sam moving away and the glee club looking for new members that do not overshadow their own talent. Kurt’s boyfriend Blaine also transferred to McKinley High which means there are no more Warblers, a glee club from a competing high school.

Despite these small changes, most of the show resembled those of the past. Brittney still has her “dumb” moments, Rachel is still a diva, and Finn is still adorable. Mr. Shuster is dating Emma the guidance counselor and their relationship isn’t progressing due to her fear of germs. Everybody’s favorite sweatsuit– wearing Sue Sylvester is continuing her quest to destroy not only the glee club, but essentially the whole school.

The biggest letdown came in the name of song. The song choices for the opener were boring and unpopular.

The one aspect that sets this show apart from the rest is the fact that they use multiple musical numbers in every show. If they keep up with these out-of-date tunes, it could be their biggest downfall.  

If I had to rate the season opener on a 4-star scale, I would have to give it a solid 2. It was not a total disappointment, but I was just hoping for a little more excitement and pizzazz. I am sure hardcore “gleeks” like myself will still cancel all plans for Tuesday nights regardless of how the season turns out. I have confidence that this show that once burned so bright will not fade out so quickly, but only time will tell.

Sarah Griggs is a third-year student majoring in English education. She can be reached at

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