Wed. May 29th, 2024

If you’ve already seen “Kiss the Girls” and “High Crimes” then you know about twist endings with a surprise suspect who made no sense. “Twisted” is an obvious movie in which you could guess who the suspect is before the end of the movie. Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) was transferred to homicide and promoted to detective. She has been seeing a therapist ever since her mother and father died. Her father was a police officer who went crazy and killed his wife and her lovers, and then killed himself. His partner and police commissioner John Mills (Samuel L. Jackson) raised Jessica and taught her everything about being a cop.

While investigating a murder, Jessica finds herself in the center of her own investigation, when her lovers start dying around her. Every time Jessica goes home after a one-night stand, she starts to drink and then proceeds to have blackouts. She never remembers anything that happened before or after she starts to drink.

When another murder occurs, her partner Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia) begins to watch and protect Jessica. She has no memory of the murders because of her blackouts. Every victim that dies always seems to have been beaten from a severe object, and also has cigarette burns on the back on their hand. Shepard has been taking Japanese fighting classes that she used for protection, but it started to get out of hand when she used it on one of her fellow officers. Jessica doesn’t know who to trust and what to do, so she relies on her therapist for help.

The police start to look for a serial killer that has the propensity to kill men Jessica has dated. After the third victim, Jessica becomes a suspect and spends time in jail, but once again her mentor Commissioner Mills helps her out of the situation, and tries to blame the murders on her partner.

Everyone starts to think that Jessica might be the killer because of her tough image and her anger problems.

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