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Representatives from the R.H. Perry and Associates Executive Search Firm met with the Presidential Search Committee Oct. 2 and 3 to attain information concerning the characteristics, qualifications, opportunities and challenges of the next president of West Chester University.The firm, along with the search committee, met at WCU to hear from the constituents of the WCU family.

“The purpose for meeting with members of the West Chester University community was to hear what they had to say about what qualities and characteristics the next President of the University should possess,” Chairperson for the Presidential Search Committee, Dr. Bernard Carrozza said.

This process was not the type of procedure trustees and committee members are involved in, but they were welcome to attend the meetings to hear what the WCU community had to say.

According to Carrozza, hearing from members of a school’s community about what the next president should be like is a typical procedure from consultants.

“It lets consultants know what lies ahead for the new leader of the school,” Carrozza said.

The council had the opportunity to meet with community members in one-hour focus groups. These groups helped contribute their ideas about the new president, and they helped the committee and the firm gather as much information as possible.

With all of the gathered information, R.H. Perry and Associates and the Presidential Search Committee is now in the process of creating a profile for the characteristics and qualifications of the new president.

There will be a Presidential Search Committee meeting Wednesday, Oct. 10 to review the profile.

“At Wednesday’s meeting, it will be decided whether the profile is adequate or needs to be revised,” Carrozza said. “It will be based on the chancellor’s approval.”

Students, faculty and members of the WCU community are encouraged by Carrozza to visit the Presidential Search Committee’s link on the WCU website. The link is found on the homepage. The committee prints the latest updates after their meetings on the website.

According to Carrozza, if the profile is approved, they are hoping to print that information on the Web site.

The results of Wednesday’s meeting will be posted on their Web site on either Thursday or Friday of this week.

For the latest updates about the search, visit

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