Mon. May 29th, 2023

In this day of sickeningly sweet bubble-gum pop and over-synthesized techno music, the progressive rock band Incubus is a breath of fresh rock air. A Crow Left of the Murder is the latest album from the Malibu-based gang. Crow is one of the most politically and socially controversial records ever put out by Incubus. Songs like “Talk Show on Mute” and “Made for TV Movie” poke fun at the downfall of television. The first single off the CD, entitled “Megalomaniac,” depict specific problems in the world and point the blame at a certain president. Lyrics such as “You’re no Jesus” and “Step down, Step Down” show the group’s dislike for Mr. Bush.

However, controversial lyrics and strong opinions are nothing new to Incubus. They have been pushing limits since their major label debut in 1997. Enjoy Incubus, the band’s first album consisted of six demos. This album was released following their signing with Immortal/Epic Records. Later that year, S.C.I.E.N.C.E was released and the band went on tour to support their first full-length record.

Over the past six years the band has worked non-stop. In 1999, Incubus’ third album Make Yourself was released, with hit singles like, “Drive,” “Stellar,” and “Pardon Me,” the group gained mainstream success. In 2001, their fourth CD Morning View brought Incubus their most successful album to date. At the end of 2002, Incubus took some well-deserved time off and a few members formed side projects while others spent time with friends and family.

Now the break is over and Alex, Brandon, Chris, Jose, and Mike are back and better than ever. The band has gone through some changes that include replacing bass player Dirk Lance with Ben Kenney, former guitarist of The Roots. Nonetheless, the band still maintains the same hard-rock sound.

A Crow Left of the Murder has the band returning to their tough roots. The combination of Brandon Boyd’s vocals along with Mike Einziger’s guitar work makes this album unique. In the end, A Crow Left of the Murder, is yet another fantastic album from the often underrated band Incubus.

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