Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

World Wrestling Entertainment is known for always being innovative and trying new things to keep fans of sports entertainment happy. The release of their newest album continues that tradition. WWE Originals is the newest release from WWE and it is different from the organizations past albums. WWE albums released in the past feature entrance theme songs for the wrestlers, also referred to as WWE superstars. WWE Originals is not a collection of entrance theme songs, but rather songs that WWE superstars themselves have recorded. It’s different, it’s new, and it’s interesting, so it was only a matter of time before WWE took on the project. The album begins with the first of a series of five segments featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is a not a song, but rather Stone Cold talking about making a song with a good rock beat and how he needs beer to help that process. I saw how maybe the dialogue within it was supposed to be funny; however, my face remained frozen as I listened.

The first real song of the album is titled “We’ve Had Enough,” performed by the Dudley Boyz. This is one of the better songs from the album. It has that rock-rap edge to it and the lyrics fit well with the characters.

Trish Stratus is the next superstar to take her turn singing on the album. Her song is titled “I Just Want You” and it falls a bit short of being anything exciting. The chorus reads “I just want you, there’s no denying…I just want you, there’s no hiding.” Between the overused lyrics and Stratus not being able to hold a note too well, I found the song amusing more than anything else.

The next song that really stood out to me on the album was Kurt Angle’s “I Don’t Suck (Really).” I would have to say that this is the worst song on the album. It’s a shame too, because Angle is one of the most talented, respected wrestlers in the business and this song has just about no talent included in it and makes him look silly. When I heard it, I felt embarrassed for Angle. The chorus consists of Angle chanting “I don’t suck.” Though this does tie into his entrance theme and the fans yelling “you suck” along with it, the track is not funny to listen to, but rather a painful experience.

Another notable track on the album is Lillian Garcia’s “You Just Don’t Know Me At All.” Garcia is actually a ring announcer for WWE who also sings and makes her own music. I have been to several WWE shows and she sings the national anthem before each show starts. She has a powerful voice and though the song on the album is not her best, it is one of the better tracks.

WWE superstar Rikishi sings “Put A Little A** On It” which is very typical of his in-the-ring performances. Rikishi is a big guy with a big derriere and his finishing move is to sit on his opponent’s face, practically suffocating them. As foul as that and his song may sound, I found it not to be that bad. It has a Barry White R&B kind of feel to it.

Stacy Keibler also lends her voice to this album. She is a WWE diva who used to be a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader. I was quite curious to hear her sing and I honestly can’t say how good or bad she sounds. Her song “Why Can’t We Just Dance” had so much of an electronic overtone to it, it was difficult to really tell how her voice sounds. The song has a dance beat and the lyrics are sparse; it didn’t thrill me overall.

The other WWE superstars who have contributed to this album are Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Lita, Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and John Cena.

I have to give credit to WWE for trying this concept. It is innovative for what it’s worth, and is a good keepsake for true WWE fans. However, the over-all outcome came up short in my opinion. Though I didn’t expect deep, meaningful songs, I at least expected the songs to sound a bit better. If you want to be entertained by WWE superstars, tune in to their in-the-ring performances, not this album.

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