Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

On Feb. 28, at 1 p.m. the Golden Rams women’s basketball team defeated the Mansfield Mountaineers 85-58. The Rams were 10-1 and the Mountaineers were 5-6 in the PSAC East. With this, the Golden Rams will go on to host a PSAC Quarterfinals game on March 2. In the opening half of the game, the Golden Rams convincingly showed that they were overall just a better team that Mansfield simply could not compete with. The Golden Rams were up 8-0 with 16:43 left in the first half, which was a sign that this game was going to be a total uphill climb for the Mountaineers.

Even though it was apparent to the WCU Rams and the audience that this game was in the bag, the Rams played hard all 20 minutes of each half. Head coach Deirdre Kane also coached hard the entire game. Coach Kane repeatedly yelled out plays and made sure that the Rams stayed focused the entire game. The Mountaineers did show grit as they stopped the Rams’ offense from 13:09 left in the game to 11:40. That’s when the Golden Rams’ Kiesha “Magic” Mack closed that scoring drought by draining a three-pointer, and from then on there were no more scoring droughts from the Golden Rams in the first half. Overall, the game for the Rams was a complete team effort from the Rams. Every player on the team was involved.

The Rams executed great passing throughout the entire game. By the end of the first half WCU held a lead of 43-24. In the second half the Mountaineers tried to pick up their game and give the Rams a little competition but their ef-fort just was not enough. With 11:42 left in the game and the score 56-42, the Rams continued to play excellent defense.

The massive point total cannot just be attributed to the Rams’ offense, but also from continuous fouls called by the referees.

With five minutes left in the game the Rams were up 25 points with an embarrassing score of 75-50. By this point in the game Coach Kane started her normal ritual of taking all the starters out of the game. At the end of game the Rams had destroyed the Mountaineers and won the game 85-58.

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