Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

West Chester University proves to be the team to beat again in the PSAC. The WCU men’s swim team came out on top and the women’s team came in second. Back in October, Head Coach Jamie Rudisill knew he had both a strong men’s and women’s swim team. Rudisill felt the teams really came into their own while training in Florida over the winter break. He had senior Andras Schonek leading the team, along with Levente Nagy-Pal and Reggie Shearer to help the men’s team to a 7 – 3 season. Chris Domanski also had a strong season after taking a two-year break from swimming. Unfortunately, Domanski suffered a torn tricep, which forced him to watch the finals from the bench. This is an impressive sixth PSAC championship in a row for the men’s swim team.

Seniors Wendy Wallace, Mandy Pearsall, and Jerilyn Blaxland led the women’s team to a 7 – 3 record as well. The three of them combined for the most total points for the season. Even though the women fell short of their fourth straight PSAC championship, they still feel strong about their team. Coach Rudisill said, “Clarion was clearly the deepest and strongest team this year.”

Jamie Rudisill has been coaching at WCU for 16 years. He has a total of nine PSAC championships, six with the men and three with the women. Before making it to WCU, Rudisill coached at Radnor High School for seven years. He is a well-respected man and a great coach, according to his swimmers.

WCU is well-known for having a deep coaching staff and the best scholarship programs in the PSAC. “This is why the team is so successful,” said Rudisill. The team is busy training for the nationals that will be held in Buffalo, on the week of the seventh.

The men’s team consists of 22 swimmers, only 18 of which can qualify to compete in the tournament. The women’s team is actually under the qualification number, which means all of them will swim at nationals. It’s obvious that WCU swimming is currently a dynasty.

Both the men and women are almost dominating the PSAC with their hard work. WCU is like the Los Angeles Lakers of NCAA swimming. Coach Rudisill stated he is enjoying the success his teams are having while he can, and is already looking forward to a great season next year.

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