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Students having dinner at Lawrence Dining Hall on Tuesday night were entertained by the Honors College as they broke out with a dance flash mob, promoting their upcoming “Dance for a Chance” event. 

Music started playing, catching the attention of the unsuspecting students eating dinner. Students put their food down and stood up to watch a flash mob begin with about five dancers. The choreography continued as roughly 40 dancers joined around the main food station in the dining hall. Dancers consisted of Honors College students, both core and seminar students, as well as members from the West Chester University Dance Team. 

Once students got over their state of shock or confusion, many used their cellphones to get pictures and videos of the flash mob. The conclusion of the dance received applauses and Amy Millar got on the loud speaker to announce the cause. 

“You’ve experienced a dance flash mob,” Millar, Junior Director executive member, said to the stunned crowd. She informed students they could purchase tickets for Dance for a Chance.

“I’ve never seen something like that before,” Steven Arthur, a second-year history major said. He stood on his booth seat to see the dance show as the flash mob began. “It got everybody’s attention.” His friend, Frank Argentieri added that it seemed like dinner and a movie.  

Dance for a Chance is a 16-hour dance marathon, held on Dec. 3 into Dec. 4, to raise money. Teams must register for the dance marathon or can pay $5 to watch. Of the money collected, 50% will go to the charity of the first place winner’s choice. 

Dr. Kevin Dean, Honors Student Association Director of the Honors College suggested they host a flash mob to promote their dance marathon. This is the first year for the event. Millar said they wanted to inform students of the event so they can have a “huge” turn-out. 

Second-year students, Carly Farrell, Corine Taninies and Paulina Chow, said they would have seen the “cool” flash mob as they tend to eat dinner in Lawrence Dinning Hall. Farrell, a biology major, said they didn’t know what was happening at first when they heard the music.  

The secret flash mob was put on with the help of WCUR. The radio station set up speakers for the mix of songs to be heard by all patrons in the dinning hall. The director of Lawrence dinning hall agreed to allow the event, and they were “excited” about it, Millar said. 

“I thought it was a great idea to raise awareness for their cause,” Erin O’Connell, a fifth-year elementary and special education dual major, said. “It was nice to see the dancers were supported by the students applauding them.”

The Honors College used teamwork to make the flash mob a success. They believe teamwork and leadership will result in a positive change to the campus life and community according to the website   Registration forms can be found on the Dance for a Chance Facebook page. 

 Ginger Rae Dunbar is a fifth-year student majoring in English with a minor in journalism. She can be reached at 

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