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Wiz Khalifa will be coming to WCU’s campus on April 27. He will perform in Hollinger Fieldhouse for WCU students. Tickets went on sale at the SSI window a couple of months prior to the concert, but sold out quickly. With his concert right around the corner students are eagerly awaiting to see his performance.

With hits such as “Say Yeah,” “This Plane,” “Black and Yellow,” and, his most recent hit, “Roll Up,” WCU students are excited for the spring concert.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz, who fans now know as Wiz Khalifa, is a Pittsburgh, Pa. rapper. He got the name from an Arabic word “khalifa” meaning “successor” and “wisdom” and then shortened the name when he turned 15 years old.

Wiz Khalifa’s parents were both in the military and moved around a lot when he was younger which caused him to experience the world quite differently than others. In those times he found creativity in becoming a rapper.

With success knocking at his door, Wiz became a part of Rostrum Records in Pittsburgh. He has released major hits such as “Black and Yellow” which peaked at number one on the billboard hot 100.

He has three studio albums which are “Show and Prove” (2006), “Deal or No Deal” (2009), and his recent “Rolling Papers” (2011) which is being sold in stores now.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pop music critic Ed Masley crowned Wiz Khalifa as having “the skills, the look, the confidence, the drive, and the charisma for the job.”

Additionally, The New Pittsburgh Courier says, “The combination of a young, charismatic M.C. with a slew of stop-and-rewind rhymes together with a local independent label with major industry connections has set the stage for a hip-hop artist representing Pittsburgh to reach superstar status for the first time ever.”

Fans of Wiz Khalifa can join his official fan club called Taylor Gang online at

For those who plan to attend this event and are having trouble deciding what to wear, the colors black and yellow may not be a bad idea.

Visit the website to see authentic Taylor Gang member-only clothing available for purchase.

With final exams around the corner, experiencing the Wiz Khalifa concert may be a breath of fresh air to students attending.

Jazzmine Carruth is a fourth- year student majoring in professional studies and minoring in journalism and education. She can be reached at

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