Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

I’m a full believer in students having an evening or afternoon completely away from their work. As a full-time student with full-time jobs on top of school, my “me time” is spent at the Village each Thursday night, to spend time with a close group of friends and watch one of our favorite shows – “The Office.”These Thursday nights have settled into a pretty relaxed routine: finish up Tai Chi class around 7p.m., drive back to the Village (because I don’t have cable at my apartment), scrounge up a late dinner and sit around the living room watching NBC comedy night. Sometime around 11p.m., my fiancé picks me up to take me home, and when we pass the football field, I ALWAYS turn around quickly in surprise at see someone in the stadium, looking like he’s trying to hop the fence, in the shadows.

The Michael Horrocks statue, dedicated to the WCU alumni and 9/11 pilot, is a beautiful monument to our campus community and history. However, driving by it at night is frightening.

The past couple weeks, however, I haven’t had that series of moments – the “WHAT THE – PERSON! Wait – oh, *catches breath* wow. ” Why? Because the statue isn’t there.

Apologies for the false alarm if the statue has been replaced, or if my ever-decreasing eyesight has deceived me the past few weeks. Yet the past two or three times I’ve left the Village, I haven’t seen the mysterious man on the field.

At first I thought it was being re-primed or painted (or whatever you do to manage and upkeep statues), but it’s now been several weeks. Where’s our statue?

Any information about Michael Horrock’s whereabouts would be greatly appreciated – even if it’s a simple “get your eyes checked, you dolt.” Thanks, West Chester.

Peace to you,
Tara T.

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