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If you’re sick and tired of the same old campus meals, and you just don’t think you can handle one more night of dining in the confines of Lawrence cafeteria, you’re in luck. The small town of West Chester has a huge variety of restaurants from which to choose from when you’re in
the mood for something tasty to chow down on. There is a restaurant
(or two, or three…) to fit almost every mood and preference so at times it may seem like the choices are practically overwhelming.There are a few establishments that stand above the rest and can be counted on for a very positive dining experience. So get ready to be tempted by all that the West Chester dining experience
has to offer.

If you take a stroll down Gay Street, you can count on an abundance of fine places to eat. If you are looking for some quality pub food at an affordable price, then head towards Ryan’s Pub. This Irish-themed pub provides a relaxing atmosphere in which friends can gather, chat, and enjoy a great sandwich, appetizer, or cold beverage. With amazing nachos, roast beef sandwiches and signature platters, there’s something for everyone at prices that won’t set you back for weeks
to come.

Seafood is often considered a very touchy area for restaurants. Very few places in West Chester have mastered the art of fish like my next choice. The West Chester Fish Market is located on North Walnut street and provides high quality seafood at extremely reasonable prices. Since their specialty is fish, this relatively new business takes special care
to provide only the freshest that the ocean has to offer. Dishes are prepared in a variety of ways, ranging from fried to broiled or even Cajun style. Soups and salads are also offered, along with a
variety of tasty ocean appetizers. The atmosphere is very modern
but welcoming, and seating is available both inside and out. The service is highly courteous and dishes can be prepared to meet almost any demands.

Sometimes all you want is a good hearty breakfast. If that’s the case, then look no further then Penn’s Table. This restaurant
is located on Gay Street and provides food that is superior to the local diners. Open for both breakfast and lunch, Penn’s Table has a simple but satisfying menu of breakfast favorites such as omelets, pancakes, or French toast, along with some tasty sandwiches for the lunchtime crowd. Theatmosphere is warm and inviting as patrons can choose to dine
inside at the wooden booths or counter, or outside at the sidewalk
tables. Service and meals are prompt, and the food is good enough to start any day off on the right foot.

Some say the love of food is unrivaled by the Italians. In the tradition of hearty meals, plentiful drinks and good friends, comes Carrabba’s Italian Grille. Located at Painter’s Crossing, this establishment is about ten minutes from WCU, but is certainly worth the extra time. Their menu is filled with amazing pasta dishes that will have you coming back again and again. Carrabba’s is a new fixture in the West Chester area, but this Italian chain has made a big name for itself by providing high quality
Italian favorites along with some unique dishes that just cannot be turned
down. The bread that accompanies every meal is always fresh and served with a light olive oil for dipping. When it comes to atmosphere, Carrabba’s provides everything you’d expect from a great night of Italian dining. With dim lights and exquisite overhangs, the interior of
this restaurant puts you in the mood to relax and enjoy. Food is cooked along a side area that you can sit in front of or simply watch in amazement from your specific table. The flames and seasonings of fresh pasta and sauces fly up from the grill and provide a great preview of what will shortly be delivered for your enjoyment.

Healthy eating can be difficult when you’re at restaurants, but Amazon Caf makes that a thing of the past. This unique dining establishment provides an alternative to fast food with their healthy soups, sandwiches,
wraps, salads and smoothies. With calorie and fat contents listed for many of their meals, there is little guesswork involved in what you’re actually consuming.The choices for smoothies are extensive and special boosts such as protein or creatine provide even more nutritional value. But it’s the taste that really makes these drinks such a treat. For example, the Chocolate Nirvana uses real Ghiradelli chocolate to deliver
a smoothie that is absolutely delicious. All the sandwiches, wraps, and salads are priced slightly higher then your average fast food restaurant,
but the quality makes each option well worth it. Customers can either order their food as take-out or can dine at one of the tables within the restaurant.

Although there are plenty of great places to eat in West Chester,
hopefully this provides you with some choices that are sure to please both your taste buds and your bank account. So take a stroll through downtown West Chester or take a short drive through the surrounding areas because quality restaurants are not something that this area is lacking. Hopefully you’ll return from your dining experiece with a full stomach and great memories that will keep you motivated to continue discovering all the amazing cuisines that this town has to offer.

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