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Local police are currently investigating two unrelated BB gun shootings in West Chester that left two men injured in the early morning hours of August 14.In the first incident, a 28-year-old West Chester man was shot in the face after three male juveniles attempted to take his wallet. Approximately half an hour later, across town, another 28-year-old man was shot in the left leg by an unknown person. Police have arrested two juveniles in connection with the alleged robbery. They are charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal attempt theft, criminal conspiracy and possessing an instrument of a crime.

According to The Daily Local News, West Chester Police Chief Scott Bohn said that one of the two 14-year-old juveniles is responsible for the shooting. There is an arrest pending for a third individual and another is still under investigation. The incident occurred at around 2:26 a.m. at Sharon Alley and Linden Street, when three males approached a local

man, displayed a weapon, and demanded his wallet. When the man refused, the subjects tried to take it from him, and when they failed, fired the BB gun three times, hitting the man in the face twice.

The victim was shot above the left eye and on the lower leftside of his face. He was thentransported to Chester Countyhospital and treated and releasedfor serious injuries to his headand face.

At one point during the incident,the man grabbed a lawnchair and threw it at the juveniles’ Oldsmobile, causing damageto the windshield. Accordingto reports, police used this information to locate the car after thesubjects fled the scene. Bohn characterized theshooting as a “cold and callous”act. “This is a particularly violentcrime,” he said to The Daily
Local News.

Bohn also said the crimewas not premeditated. The Daily Local News reported that Bohn said “I would call this a crime of opportunity.”

The juveniles are currently being held at Lima Detention Center until a hearing is scheduled. The district attorney?’ office will determine if they will be charged as adults.

The second BB gun shooting occurred in the 300 block of West Chestnut Street, when a local man was walking up the street after leaving the Circle K convenience store with a cup of coffee. He was shot in the left thigh around 2:56 a.m. and was taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center, where he underwent surgery.

Although there were many witnesses to the shooting, none could provide substantial information. According to police,there was no clear motive for the shooting. West Chester Lt. William Morris said, “Through our investigation, we have determined there is no link between the incidents.”

Morris also said assaults with a BB gun are a rare occurrence.
Due to the type of wounds on the victims, police have determined
that both assaults involved a store-bought BB gun. A weapon has not been found in either case.

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