Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Over 7,000 Ram-e-Cards were produced this week as Student Services Incorporated debuted the new West Chester University identification card. With the card, which is being given out for free in exchange for anold Ram Card through the Ram-e-Card Office on the ground floor of Sykes Student Union, comes more flexibility and opportunity for students.

Not only can the Ram-e-Card be used in Aramark dining locations like the traditional card, but it can also be used for vending machines, the Health Center and the Sykes Copy Center. In the next few months, readers will also be installed on laundry machines in the residence halls and the SSI Bookstore. The card enables students to access three separate accounts. The first account is the Ram Bucks account. Ram Bucks can be used similarly to a debit card. Students can add money to

this account at the Ram-e-Card Office, and will soon be able to add money online or through the CMC, located across from the office. These Ram Bucks can be used anywhere on campus that accepts the card. Money in this account will roll over from semester to semester and can be refunded if a student graduates or leaves the university for any reason.

The second account is called Ram Flex. Returning students will remember Flex from the old Ram Card. Flex is included in all of the Aramark meal plans and can be used only at Aramark Dining Service Locations, such as Lawrence Dining Hall or Ram?s Head Food Court. Unlike the Ram Bucks, Flex will not carry through to the next academic year. Any funds remaining after the spring semester will be lost.

The third account, which is currently unavailable, is called Ram Books. This account will allow students and parents to set aside money that can only be spent in the SSI Bookstore. This option will be made available

later this semester. Many students are asking if trading in their old Ram Cards for a new Ram-e-Card is mandatory. The answer is no. According to Ram-e-Card Administrator Yaoli Xiong, as long as the strip on the
back of the card is still in good condition, the old card will be accepted.

However, these students will not have access to the Ram Bucks or Ram Books accounts. The quality on the new card is superior to the old one, but students are cautioned to treat this card as they would a credit card.

If the strip is damaged, a replacement card will need to be issued at the cost of the student. Just like a credit card, the accounts on the card can also be frozen if the card is lost or stolen to protect the student from losing any money in the accounts.

Although replacing the old Ram Card with the Ram-e-Card is not mandatory, students are urged to take advantage of the current free exchange. The deadline has not been set as of now, but after a few months, students will no longer be able to get a new card for free. Resident students are especially encouraged to replace their old cards for the swipe access system that will eventually be installed in the residence halls.

For more information on the card, or to get your new or replacement card, contact the Ram-e-Card Office in Sykes Student Union 610-738-0429.

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