Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

The Past 75 years have brought National Championships and Conference titles to West Chester University. United States Olympians and Super Bowl winning football players have strolled the halls and stormed the fields of play here. Pioneering accomplishments and events of historic proportions took place right here at West Chester UniversityThe Quad was there every step of the way.

From the Golden Rams becoming the inaugural National Champions in women’s basketball in 1969, to 2006’s march to the National Final Four in Pensicola, Fla., by the women’s soccer team, and everything in between, The Quad has covered it all.

With a watchful eye towards the proud athletics history of West Chester University, and in celebration of our own 75th anniversary, we set out to pay tribute to those champions and athletes who embodied the spirit of Golden Ram athletics.

And, of course, because it is in our nature to create some controversy as well.

If you turn to pages 12 and 13, you will discover the fruits of our labor, a two page spread profiling the top 70 athletes and top five coaches in school history. You will find bowl winning football teams, National Champions in women’s basketball, women’s lacrosse, as well as teams that fell just short of their ultimate goal. In addition to those teams, we have ranked the top 70 athletes of the past 75 years. Their order might surprise you.

These tasks took a great deal of time and thoughtful consideration by our panel of editors and writers. As a group, we understood the depth of this project, which undoubtedly will be looked upon by both prideful and critical eyes, both now and long after all of us depart from this fine institution.

It is our hope that current athletes, coaches, parents and fans of Golden Ram athletics take and use this piece as a benchmark for understanding this school’s commitment to excellence, as well as a foundation for future contributions both on and off the field.

This piece is not just an honorarium of the top athletes, teams and sports figures here in the past 75 years, but rather the last 75 years as a whole. For without the continued contributions from countless role players, head coaches, managers and anyone who has ever played for, coached, watched or cheered for the Golden Rams, none of the accomplishments by our featured sports figures would have ever been possible.

That is true excellence.

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