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Amanda Vitzakovitch is a guard on the Lady Rams Basketball team. She is now a senior, and has been playing basketball for as long as she can remember. At one point she even challenged boys her age to pickup games. “I have been playing basketball since I was a little tomboy in second grade against the boys at the YMCA,” Vitzakovitch said.

In her early years she fit in with the guys because she had a short, bowl-cut haircut with a Nike sign shaved on the back of her head. However, don’t let that fool you; she said that she loves to keep lip gloss on the side of the court because it boosts her confidence.

Throughout her life, Vitzakovitch has been no stranger to the court.

“I played for many different traveling AAU teams, Keystone state game teams, and of course my school’s varsity team, where I started for all four years.” she said.

As a varsity athlete, you tend to face challenges as well as great accomplishments. Amanda said that her biggest challenge is her perfectionism.

“It is absolutely impossible for an athlete to be a perfectionist, but yet I would always get upset if I missed a shot or made a bad pass. You can’t do everything right in the game of basketball.”

She feels that she is finally over that challenge now that it is her senior year.

Vitzakovitch’s greatest accomplishment in her basketball career didn’t even occur during her three years as a Golden Ram.

“My biggest accomplishment in my basketball career took place my senior year of high school during the playoffs,” Vitzakovitch said. “I scored a career high of 40 points, won the same playoff game on a 3-point buzzer shot in overtime, and also broke the All Time Leading Scorer record that game. I later finished up the season with 1871 total career points.”

Since this is her senior year, everyone is probably wondering what the varsity star will do when her playing days are through.

“After graduation, I plan on being a Health and Physical Education teacher someday. I would love to coach either a basketball or soccer team. In my spare time, it would be nice to be a singer in a cover band since music is my biggest love.”

The 5’8 guard is one determined basketball player and a lot of people can look up to her. “Vitz” as she is affectionately known to teammates and friends even has some advice for young players learning the game of basketball.

“Learn the plays well, even though there are a ton of them! Be a versatile/well-rounded player on the court. Try to be great at every aspect of the game. Work hard everyday! Cherish every moment because time flies by fast. I feel like yesterday was my first day walking into practice as a freshman. Most importantly, it doesn’t hurt to look cute on the court!”

Megan Careless is a fourth-year journalism practicum student. She can be reached at MC591446@wcupa.edu

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