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Have you ever heard mysterious laughing while walking down Market Street late at night? Or seen the shadowy figure of man with no legs lingering outside the Iron Hill Brewery? These mysteries are just a peek into West Chester’s eerie past and the ghosts who haunt it. If you are not feeling spooked yet, Ghost Tours of West Chester may prove to be the perfect way to spend an October evening for you.
Ghost Tours of West Chester, hosted by the Lincoln room, reveals the paranormal past of our very own not-so-quiet town. Hear about the Underground Railroad and runaway slaves, the criminals who hung from the gallows, and the souls who were buried alive, right beneath our feet. With a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a cup of hot cider, and perhaps a friend to hold close, be prepared to be spooked while walking the haunted streets on one of West Chester’s ghost tours.
Tours are hosted by the Lincoln Room, one of West Chester’s oldest buildings. As tour attendees will learn, the historic tea room dates back to 1833 and is haunted by the spirit of Mr. John Tully. Tully, a convicted horse thief, was sentenced to a punishment so gruesome, his restless soul can still be heard groaning and cackling late at night.
This spine-chilling tale is only the beginning of the 90 minute tour led by costumed Quaker, Malcolm. Malcolm will serve as your faithful guide and story teller taking guests through West Chester’s ghostly alleys and spooky streets, all the way to the “Land of the Shadow People” in Everhart Park. Learn about the Quakers who once resided in the borough long ago, and how their battle with spirits of the past influenced the creation of West Chester University.
Ghost Tours of West Chester run from the end of September through the last weekend of October. Tours depart on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. from the Lincoln Room’s candlelit courtyard, located at 28 West Market Street, in town. Doors open at 7 p.m. and light refreshments are available for guests to purchase prior to the tour. Tickets for the Ghost Tour are only $10 and can be purchased at the door. Reservations are required.
Helpful hint: The tour ends on the top of the Market Street Parking Garage where parking is available for free.
For more information visit the Lincoln Room’s website, To make a reservation, call 610-696-2102.
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