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Episode 9: NamasteBack in season two when the Dharma Initiative is introduced, I never thought that some of the castaways would be living amongst the Dharma Initiative in season five nor working for the Dharma Initiative. The scene between Pierre Chang and Jack last night jumped out at for a few reasons. Firstly, I kept thinking back to the third episode of season two, entitled Orientation, because that episode introduced the viewers to the world that once was the Dharma Initiative, and when that episode aired, I didn’t really know what to think of it, but now everything introduced in ‘Orientation’ does make sense. With that said, ‘Namaste’ is sort of like ‘Orientation II’ and I wrote in the LaFleur entry that I have a feeling of where this storyline is going, and after watching ‘Namaste,’ I still think that the story is going to go where I think it’s going. But back to ‘Namaste’ as ‘Orientation II.’ We, the viewers, are sort of like Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. Suddenly, they are in 1977, and we were as well in ‘LaFleur.’ And they’ve got to be, as the viewers are, trying to make sense of what it means to be in 1977. Recall, if you will, the theme of season two. The theme of season two was Man of Science vs. The Man of Faith. The Dharma Initiative faded into the mythology of show. Different stations appeared throughout the season but the big thing of season two was the idea of science vs. faith, and the button represented that battle. They had no idea they were actually saving the world by pressing the button every 108 minutes nor did we as viewers. Dharma really began to take life in season three. But I won’t dive into season three today. Now, with season five, we know basically everything about Dharma. We know that they all will die as a result of The Purge. The tag line of the season five poster is ‘Destiny Calls.’ The show is about destiny and fate. I’m probably stating the obvious here but I think the destiny of the Dharma initiative will be re-visisted, and the Island brought our favorite castaways to this point of time for a very specific reason. It’s going to get good, folks. As always, here are some additional thoughts:

–Ethan was born on the Island! Horace Goodspeed himself spawned the man who kidnapped Claire and tried to kill Charlie. But we learned of what drove Ethan to that point in a LOST webisode. But I really liked that. I’m a geek for this show after all.

–I’d be a so and so if I didn’t mention Radzinsky. I really love this show. They truly leave no stone unturned. Radzinsky is, of course, the man who drew the map of the Island on the hatch door. He worked with Kelvin in the Swan. And he apparently shoots himself. I look forward to more Radzinsky. I also enjoyed seeing the model for the Swan station.

–I mentioned in a post for a past entry the idea of the Ajira group and 1977 being in two different times, and that is exactly what happened (2007 for the Ajira folks). I do wonder why Sun did not disappear with the rest of the Oceanic 6. But I’m going to write more about Sun and Frank in a bit.

–The gentleman who talked to Kate, whose name is escaping me, gave Jack a look. A suspicious look.

–Once again, I am not made of stone. For some reason, I softened towards Kate. Me and Kate have been at odds for awhile now but she just looked so bum on the porch last night.

–Sayid’s so cool. He’s in a predicament right now but let me put this out there: I bet Chang would believe Sawyer if he told him about the time travel and stuff. After all, the Orchid is being built. But back to Sayid, Sayid can out-smart anyone. That’s all.

–Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Jin better remember who the important folks. That’s all I’m saying about that as well.

–Allright. It’s time for my favorite part of the episode. Sun and Frank in the Barracks with Christian. Holy smokes was that cool! As soon I hear the whispers, I go nuts. I’m interesting in ‘when’ Frank and Sun are. Christian said that they have a long journey ahead of them to find Jin. Very intriguing. I love this aspect of LOST. I love the Jacob stuff (and yeah I know Christian isn’t Jacob). The Christian/Sun/Frank stuff was absolutely the coolest part of this episode.

–And yes, little Ben Linus has shown up. Now, there’s no Faraday around to tell Sayid that whatever happened, happened. That’s all I have to say about that.

And that’s about it for ‘Namaste.’


Allright. A few words before the rankings. You should know Sayid has never left me or STEVE’s top 5 since we began ranking. And, at least for me, if a character is ranked low it doesn’t mean I hate a character. For instance, Richard is 14 this week but I think Richard is awesome. But, you know, the rankings can sometimes be a harsh beast. So with that said, there’s some changes in me and STEVE’s rankings. Jack finally has returned to my top 5!

RANKED: 3/18/09

1. Locke
2. Desmond
3. Sayid
4. Jack
5. Sawyer
6. Jin
7. Juliet
8. Hurley
9. Ben
10. Daniel
11. Frank
12. Sun
13. Miles
14. Richard
15. Kate
16. Widmore

1. Desmond
2. Sayid
3. Locke
4. Jack
5. Sawyer
6. Jin
7. Juliet
8. Richard
9. Ben
10. Frank
11. Miles
12. Sun
13. Kate
14. Widmore
15. Daniel
16. Hurley

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