Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The month of March brings about the best time of year: March Madness. As conference championships are being won and teams are battling for seeds in the NCAA Tournament, fans sit back and prepare for the madness.This is the time of year when fans begin to select which bracket challenges to accept and try to figure out how much, if any, money they are willing to wager on their favorite college basketball team.

Everyone knows about the North Carolina’s, Louisville’s, Connecticut’s, etc. but this time of year really tests your knowledge of each conference and team. Will there be a George Mason in this year’s tournament? Will a Stephen Curry make his name known? We will find out all of this over the next couple of weeks.

Will a No. 16 finally beat a No. 1? Probably not, but anything is possible. Will any of the City Six teams make a run at the national championship? Villanova did it a couple of years ago and Temple is playing their best basketball at the right time.
Will all the No. 1 seeds make up the final four for the second consecutive year? Maybe. Maybe not. It does not happen too often and the likelihood that it happen back-to-back years is slim-to-none.

This years NCAA Tournament has a chance to be the most difficult to pick because there are so many good teams. The Big East will have about eight teams selected into the tournament. The ACC will have about six. The Big Ten could have seven or eight selections.

With so many good teams, it will make for a very exciting three and a half weeks of college basketball action. Even if your favorite team loses in the first, second or third round, you will not be able to tear your eyes away from the exciting action taking place.
Every team is fighting to be the last team standing cutting down the nets in Detroit on April 6. Who will it be? No one knows, and that’s what makes March Madness so exciting. So everyone sit-back, relax and enjoy all the hoops action.

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