Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Several of our editors were greeted Friday afternoon upon entering our office by a defaced issue of The Quad that had been slipped under the door. The issue was riddled with short commentaries, critiques and criticisms. It became apparent that the person who did this was hurt by The Quad and felt the need to hurt the paper’s editors. To some extent, it worked. The Editor-in-Chief, and author of this editorial, was insulted and perturbed by the idea that someone who failed to muster the courage to sign their name and stand behind his or her words felt obliged to disparage and diminish the time and work of 22 editors.We will not honor this person or this person’s act any further by defending-point-by-point-our publication and our editorial decisions. We do wish that this person would come forward to us and stand behind his or her words like any honorable person would. Some of the comments were legitimate and had this person spent the same amount of time s/he spent ripping into our paper and anonymous dropping off the defiled issue, by sending us an e-mail or speaking to an editor about the ways which we could improve The Quad, perhaps that person would be more satisfied with the paper s/he sees every week.

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