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Some students agree that it might be difficult to buy condoms, especially in the case of females.”I feel more people would use condoms if they felt more comfortable buying them,” said Sandra McLeod, Kansas State University sophomore and member of Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators.

Trojan brand condoms is aware of the taboo of women buying sexual products and has created a brand named Elexa, which keeps the woman’s needs in mind, according to

Elexa is a line of sexual well-being products, including freshening cloths, vibrating ring, condoms and intimacy gel.

The Web site explains Elexa is made with the woman’s perspective in mind. The discrete packaging uses dark colors and a cartoon outline of a woman in a seductive pose.

“I think it makes it easier,” said freshman Angela Sims. “It’s in a cute box, and it doesn’t say ‘Trojan’ on the box. It just says ‘Elexa.'”

According to, the name Elexa is derived from the Greek goddess Alexa, which is the “protector of mankind.”

“I think that it’s an awesome idea,” said junior Mandy Colthart.

“It gives people an easier way of approaching something they wouldn’t try usually, like the vibrating ring.”

Elexa brand doesn’t just focus on condoms. The Web site features other sex products, including the vibrating ring, a soft ring powered by a battery designed to enhance pleasure for both partners. However, the vibrating ring is banned in eight states, including Kansas.

Elexa also makes freshening cloths similar to the Summer’s Eve version.

According to the Web site, the cloths are designed to give you and your partner a extra bit of freshness before and after an intimate situation.

The last product Elexa offers is the intimacy gel. According to the Web site, this gel is clear and non-greasy and adds warmth when a sensitive area is simulated, increasing the pleasure factor.

“I think that Trojan is making an attempt to give women a chance to be more protective without being considered a ho for buying condoms,” said Graduate student Jessica Smith.

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