Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Brian Littrell, famous for his involvement with the successful pop music group the Backstreet Boys, has decided to take his musical career in a different direction. While he still plans on working with his bandmates on future albums, he is currently producing a solo project due in the early May or June of this year. The first single, “In Christ Alone,” appeared in April of 2005 on the WOW#1 album. Littrell grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, with very devout Christian parents. According to an interview on his Myspace website, he gives the main reason why he decided to create a gospel album. “I’ve been a born-again Christian since I was eight years old, and I’ve known for a long time that this has been my true calling. I hope to reach listeners in this arena and continue to let Backstreet Boys fans know it’s okay to stand for what you believe in. If I can do something that opens doors and benefits lives in someway, I hope to be able to do that.”

“In Christ Alone” is a very spiritual, uplifting song, and its lyrics emphasize the importance of God’s presence in a person’s life. Littrell mentions that the song means a lot to him, because it was one he sung all the time as a child when he participated in his church choir. This was one of the main reasons why he chose this particular song to be the first single.

It is a fantastic experience to listen to his voice alone, because it always gave such a special power to the other Backstreet Boys songs. Another song which will be included in the album is “Grace of my Life”, which he says is dedicated to his wife Leighanne. He admits that his “son and wife have completely inspired me in ways beyond belief,” and many of his songs focus on his relationship with them. It is also “based upon adoration and praise” (

For fans of the Backstreet Boys, Littrell’s solo album will certainly be something to look forward to! The album, produced by Reunion Records, will give Brian a chance to truly show his talent. While no actual title has been released for the album, information about the music may be found on, or For IPod users, “In Christ Alone” is available for download on

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