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On Friday, Feb. 18, 2006, the Student Activities Council (SAC) organized Yugar Productions’ Reality TV Casting Call event starring Johanna and Nehemiah from “The Real World” Austin, Texas. Yugar Productions is a full-service entertainment company and celebrity brokerage firm that provides celebrities for appearances, endorsements, autograph signings, speaking engagements and other events and promotions nationwide. The auditions were initially supposed to be held from 3-6 p.m.; however, because almost two hundred WCU students filled the second floor of Sykes attempting to get their shot at fame, the event lasted until almost 8 p.m. David Yugar of Yugar Productions revealed, “West Chester University has a very involved, dynamic and diverse student body,” and adds, “West Chester University could make up its own ‘Real World’ cast.”

After the successful casting call, students were welcomed to attend a Live Interactive Forum and “Meet & Greet” with “The Real World” celebrities Johanna and Nehemiah at 8:00 p.m. in Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall. About one hundred West Chester University students filled the seats to discuss issues that evolved during the broadcasting of the show, such as alcohol abuse and the practice of safe sex. The two “Real World” cast members explained to the audience potential side effects of drinking such as rape, blacking-out, unnecessary fights, loss of memory and endangering ones’ self, friends and family. Johanna had special thoughts on this particular issue: “I haven’t had a drink in two months because it made me gain weight and get depressed…My message is not to tell you not to drink, just drink in moderation.”

The two also enlightened the audience with safe sex advice. Nehemiah describes, “You can’t tell if someone has a STD based on looks.” He continued, “Just be very careful.”

The event concluded with a Q&A session that lasted about an hour. All and all, the event was a huge success. Johanna and Nehemiah revealed personal information about themselves, which made the audience feel at ease during the live interactive forum. The two seemed very down-to-earth and made a huge attempt not to “preach” or “lecture” to the students, but to talk to them instead. Johanna and Nehemiah were very successful in preparing West Chester University students for the “real world.”

For more information on Yugar Productions call David Yugar at 1-800-691-0181, or for more information about the Student Activity Council (SAC) stop by the office in 218 Sykes, or call 610-436-236.

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