Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

The Guild League can be called soda-pop music simply fizzing with cheer. The band began in Thailand in 2000 by Australian heart-throb, Tali White (front-man of the irresistibly adorable Lucksmiths) as he scribbled some notes to a friend, Marty Brown. This note-passing continued into 2001 until White finally came up with a solid song he adored. By roping in 15 more members including Marty Brown, Craig Pilkington, Rodrigo Pintos Lopez, Pete Cohen, Claire Bowditch, Richard Easton, Dan Luscombe, Alicia Vanden Huevel, Jaime Knight, Ernie Gruner, Cressida Griffith, Brent Kenji, Rebecca Barron, Ilka White and Karl Smith, the Guild League began. By December of 2002, this mighty clan produced the album Private Transport. This album is magical in its purity. Besides the fact that Tali White adds the prettiest Australian twang to his simple, yet loving tone which makes my heart melt in my chest, the musical aspect of the Guild League is incredible. Having sixteen members, that should be expected, but Private Transport surpasses the expectations of many and puts this album’s level of maturity and grace far above many I have ever heard. A perfect example of the beauty this album achieves is in the completely instrumental song entitled, “Baggage Handling.” Strings, keys, the whole works- so moving and heartfelt it almost makes me want to cry.

If you carry a zippy sort of vision, there are many tracks to suit your style as well. Tracks such as “Jet Set.Go,” “Gravity,” and the vocally astounding “A Faraway Place” will put a kick in your step, for sure! The track “Siamese Couplets” is pretty much a mix of the Guild League’s signature European intelli-pop feel with a hint of rap! That’s right, I said it.rap. Tali starts rhyming with a little bit of attitude, what else can I say?

If you are a Lucksmiths fan, (which you should be), you already know of White’s indescribable ability to write the cutest lyrics known to man. He doesn’t fail you in The Guild League, either. This man is a man in love and from songs such as “Balham Rise,” “A Maze in Grays,” and “Cornflakes” you can certainly tell! These tracks touch the heart of even those in deep hate with love. Sassy guitar strums with light-hearted drums in the back set the mood for those butterflies in your stomach.

The Guild League have been featured on several compilations of Candle Records with the label’s other artists, such as the Lucksmiths, and have an even newer album than Private Transport entitled Inner North which is, of course, worth checking out. I was fortunate enough to catch the Lucksmiths in New York about two years ago but it is a treasured rarity that Tali and his members make their way through the United States. When that day comes, you should do your best to be there and you can check out tour dates, merchandise and other Guild League information from their record label’s website, Not only will you be then exposed to Guild League information, but information on all the terrific over-seas bands signed to Candle Records.

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