Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

I’m a familiar face to The Quad, or maybe just a familiar name for people who are reading this and don’t know me. I’ve been writing for The Quad since the first issue of my freshman year. I’ve gone from being the assistant features editor, to the features editor, to the news editor, to now being the Editor-In-Chief. I’m taking over for our graduating Editor-In-Chief, Tara Tanzos. She has been a great editor to work with; she has been a great person to work with outside of the newspaper too. Once I began working in the office, over the course of the past four years, I’ve worked under six Editors. I’ve had six Editors that I learned from as I’m now taking on this role.

I think over time I’ve gotten use to saying that I’ll be checking with my Editor for something, that out of habit, I’ll probably still say ‘I’ll check with my Editor’ even though it will refer to me. Before leaving her position, Tara has trained me on my new role.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how working at The Quad has been such a great experience. Just like Tara and a handful of other editors, we have trained a handful of people on their jobs they hold now. With graduation nearing, we have been training replacements for the positions that need to be filled. There will be many new names in the newspaper next year. This goes for section editors and writers.

It’s been great experience in writing articles, conducting an interview, making the sections lay-outs and balancing it with school work. Enjoy the 24 page issue and we’ll see you in the fall. Check out our website over the summer for any updates.

Ginger Rae

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