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It’s amazing to see the Miss WCU pageant held in the Asplundh Concert Hall now as it first developed in the basement of Killinger Hall. Take pride in what your university does for you and what the leaders of the future put together.

You can read the story about the tradition of who was crowned this past weekend, see page two. There are more real life examples of stories such as this. Not only do events go from a small dorm like K-hall to beyond the doors of the Castle building, so do the people participating in the events.

Rachel Marie Brooks (class of 2004), crowned Miss WCU in 2003, later won the title of Miss Pennsylvania in 2007.

A number of events that take place on campus have grown to become bigger events, open to the whole population of the university. Booze News began, by Resident Assistant Jonathan Curtis, as a simple idea to inform residents of his building about alcohol awareness. The young beneficial event continued after Curtis graduated and the event is now an annual program offered to all students and guests of the university.

WCU graduate Frank Gailey moved up from the minor league and is on the roster for the Philadelphia Phillies. Dan DePalma played for the N. Y. Jets before being signed to the N. Y. Giants. DePalma, graduate of WCU, joined his team in the Super bowl this past weekend. (See the sports section to read more). 

In January 2010, Josh Maxwell became the youngest mayor in Downingtown’s history. The 2008 WCU graduate currently still holds his position as mayor.

I discovered a number of students who worked for The Quad during their studies at WCU now hold their dream jobs of the Mass Media. There are many more WCU graduates than on this list that have great achievements. 

Your name could be on the list.

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