Tue. May 28th, 2024

It is now becoming that time of year again when digging out one’s old winter clothing is becoming a necessity. While digging through my closet I found a lot of clothes, all from years past, and was dismayed at some of the styles that I had chosen. It is possible that the hardest part for many people is the question of what to wear on our feet during these grueling winter months. While many of us prefer UGGs, there are a various other choices of boots that are definitely … la mode this season.

‘Biker boots,’ or boots with a lot of hardware are definitely in for this season. These boots can come with heels, or without heels for those snowy days. Dolce and Gabbana’s fall runway show displayed a lot of biker-chic looks, and the biker-chic look was also in the lines of Nanette Leopore and Roberto Cavalli. One of the most praised women in fashion, Kate Moss, has even created a line of biker-chic looks.

Low-heeled and flat boots have also become a very popular necessity for any girl this season as well. Tall, dressier styles with low heels have become a favorite of many designers this season. These boots can be seen in the line of any popular shoe designer including shoe-god Steve Madden and Michael Kors. Equestrian-style riding boots are never really out of style, but have made a huge comeback this season. These boots are usually more upscale looking than normal flat boots but still provide warmth and still look casual.

The UGGs, which are the popular choice for many of us, come in many shapes in sizes. These boots are offered with heels, without heels, in tall heights or low heights, in a variety of colors, and a variety of styles. The Ultra Tall and the Ultra Short are the two most popular styles. These boots are a bit pricey, and can range from $150-$200.

The boots are made of sheepskin which repels moisture away from your feet, making them perfect for walking to class in the snow. These boots are extremely comfortable and can last for a long time with the proper care. The UGG Web site offers cleaning and care products for the boots.

However, if one can not shell out $200 for one pair of boots, there are a lot of stores which sell look-a-like UGGs, which can be just as comfortable. For girls, UGG boots look good with tight jeans tucked into them and also with a skirt and pair of leggings.

Cardy boots are also very in style for this season. Cardy boots are knit boots that can either come up to the middle of the leg or the knee. The Cardy boots are made by UGG, and are available in blue, cream, or brown. These boots can cost up to $140, but there are look-a-like pairs of these boots as well that can still be just as cute and comfortable.

With all of the many choices of boots this season, it is not hard to find a cute pair of boots that will keep your feet dry and also be comfortable. Whether you choose a pair of chic biker boots, or keep it casual and comfortable with a pair of UGGs, you will definitely be in style for the season.

Marcelle Bacon is a second-year student majoring in French. She can be reached at MB650800@wcupa.edu.

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