Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Last Wednesday marked the 3rd Annual Black Student Union Fashion Show. Sykes Student Union was filled with students not only from WCU but Millersville, Cheyney, Lincoln and other area colleges and universities.With show time set at 8:30 p.m., the crowd began to get a little restless waiting for start time. At about 9:15 the show finally started. This year’s theme, “Express Yourself,” began with a beauty parlor scene, a skit and a dance that introduced what the show was all about.

With eleven scheduled designers set to show off their work, time was not on everyone’s side. “It’s almost 11:30 p.m. and they’re only on the fifth designer. I don’t know if they will be able to get through the show,” said senior Tyree Booker.

A wide range of styles hit the runway; everything from vintage clothing to scraps of old clothes transformed into new ones, 80s retro designs and originals were all on display. Vintage designer Malena states, “With vintage you can find your own style and express fashion through the different eras.”

During breaks and intermissions, current BSU board members had the opportunity to introduce new board members for next year’s BSU executive board. Many of the new board members were excited to hear of their titles and received applause from the audience.

Crowd reaction began to flare when Gemini Styles designer Sydia Rice took the stage. Sydia has had a love for fashion since a very young age. As a full time hair stylist, Sydia designs her fashions as a hobby, saying “My partner and I love fashion; we love doing fashion shows because it increases business. People can always recognize our styles by our motto: Turn your nothing into something, your junk into spunk, say goodbye to your old and hello to your new.”

Other hot designers included Latoya’s fashion and CU styles. This annual event also incorporated a clothing drive. Clothes were collected from WCU students and sent to local Salvation Army donation centers. Some designers also participated in the clothing drive. Lauren Carter, one of the coordinators for the event, said, “As one of BSU’s many community service projects a clothing drive incorporated in a fashion show was a great idea. [It was] a huge success, not only for BSU, but we also had the opportunity to help those in need.”

BSU members are excitedly looking forward to next years event and they hope that every year it will get bigger and better.

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