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“One for the Money,” “Two for the Dough,” “Three to Get Deadly,” and “Four to Score” are the first four of 19 (and still growing) novels in the “Plum Series” by Janet Evanovich

Recently Evanovich’s first novel “One for the Money” has been made into a film that has shown its readers that making a book into a movie can actually be a good thing. 

Keeping the movie’s main points true to the novel, the film also creates a new air to what one would read. The movie tells a story about Stephanie Plum, a down on her luck Jersey girl who just had her car repossessed after losing her job. With her apartment on the chopping block, Plum had no choice but to bribe her perverted cousin Vinnie to give her a job. 

Vinnie owns a bail bonds office, where he bails criminals out of jail, and if they “forget” to pay him back, he has to hunt them down and turn these criminals over to the police so they can reschedule a court hearing. To receive his share of the money, however, he needs someone to find these people. This is the job Stephanie was given: a bounty hunter. 

While starting her new job as a bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum encounters a few new faces. Joe Morelli, a man from Plum’s past, resurfaces as a strikingly handsome police officer gone AWOL. He was accused of committing murder and appeared on Plum’s list of failures to appear in court. As Stephanie attempts to hunt Morelli down, she seeks the help of Ranger. Ranger is the baddest bounty hunter in town and the sexiest one at that. He gives Plum several tips on how to be a world class bounty hunter and assists on tracking down Morelli. These two irresistible men put Plum in the middle of a vicious love triangle. 

Stephanie Plum’s family is small and wild, mostly due to her feisty Grandma Mazur and pushy mother. While slowly putting her life back together, Plum grows closer to her family and further from her definite feelings between her two love interests. 

“One for the Money” is a great film for those who have or have not read the novel. No background information is needed–  just an urge for laughter.

Nicole Bair is a fourth-year student majoring in liberal studies with a minor in Spanish. She can be reached at

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