Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

After the Snowpacalypse that was the second week of classes, there’s still plenty of powder around campus and in the borough, hiding cars and sidewalks. Making daily trips to work, classes, or into town have now become “snowventures.” (Thanks for the term, Ben A./Rob T.)I scheduled my semester for no Friday classes and mostly evening classes, and with the nonstop snow last week, I had one mere class all week. As many of you rejoiced, we had two full days off school, with additional delays and cancellations in the past two weeks of classes.

But I must say that, with the amount of snow still in West Chester, with nowhere to go, the snow removal team at WCU is doing an amazing job. Despite classes being canceled, The Quad staff still had an issue to put together, which requires various members doing various deeds throughout the week. When I walked to Sykes on Thursday morning, snow was still falling and the salt/plow team was already hard at work on clearing WCU’s main walkways – “SnowWalks.”

West Chester has continued to get snow throughout the weekend, (f.y.i., even minor snowfall is just adding insult to injury at this point, Mother Nature) and I had no trouble at all walking to the office Sunday morning for our layout session. On the way, I also saw at least three more WCU snow removal members working on making cleared paths wider, less icy and more accessible. The roads are relatively safe to drive on, and the parking lots seem to be melting off nicely, even if this does leave a thin layer of salt on everything and everyone that ventures out into the great West Chester tundra.

Thank you, WCU’s Snowmen, for the work you’ve done this week. Let’s hope you get a break soon.

Peace to you,
Tara T.
Editor in Chief

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