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Non-traditional musical acts are not always a welcomed commodity in the world of popular music, but sometimes change can be a very rewarding experience. That is the case with an up and coming band called Something Corporate. Their style of music does not fit into the cookie cutter mold presented by so many of today;s pop acts, yet they have gained a strong following among high school and college-aged fans. In just a few short weeks, The Electric Factory will host this group of talented young artists for not just one, but two nights. Something Corporate is the success story that many aspiring bands hope and dream for. It all started in Orange County when lead singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon, drummer Brian Ireland, and bassist Clutch got together and formed a group to compete in a high school battle of the bands. Although they came out victorious, the original band did not last long. It was only when McMahon, Brian, and Clutch met guitarist Josh Partington at a local party that Something Corporate took form. After playing together for a while, the group added rhythm guitarist Bill Tell and began performing at several local clubs. This exposure, along with opening for such acts as Sugar Ray and Better Then Ezra, led to the young band becoming a local favorite in both Orange County and Los Angeles.

At this time, the youth punk label Drive-Thru Records contacted Something Corporate in hopes of signing them to their label. Something Corporate respected the label’s reputation as a notable indie and also agreed with their tactics of young artist development. Even though the sound of Something Corporate is more of a radio-ready alternative-rock instead of punk, they still chose to sign with Drive Thru. Barely out of high school, these five guys also attracted the attention of MCA Records. MCA recognized the connection that Something Corporate had with their devoted fans, and agreed to aid Drive-Thru in distributing and marketing the band’s first EP, Audioboxer. The rest has been a crazy ride of sold-out shows and screaming fans across the nation.

As a result of their continu-ous touring and several new albums including Leaving Through The Window (released May 21, 2002) and their latest creation, North (October 21, 2003), this group has a genuine cult following all over the country.

After the success of their first sold-out show at The Electric Factory earlier this winter, Something Corporate has decided to return to the same venue for two spring tour dates. On Saturday, May 1 and then again on Sunday May 2, Something Corporate will bring all of their talent and energy to Philadelphia once again. Saturday’s show will begin at 8:30 p.m. and Sunday’s will begin at 8:00 pm. “Space,” but each show is different so it’s anyone’s guess what else could be on the list. They will be co-headlining with another group called “Yellowcard” who have recently been getting exposure on MTV for their latest efforts. Both groups have a similar modern alternative rock base and each should be a truly entertaining experience.

The Electric Factory is easily accessible from the Schuykill Expressway, and tickets are very reasonable. The cost is $18 per ticket, and $26 if bought from TicketMaster. Something Corporate fans are extremely devoted, so in order to get a good place, it is necessary to get there early. The first level of the venue is all general admission and available for all ages. The balcony level is split between the bar area, which is 21 to enter, and the general area, There is available Electric Factory lots.

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