Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

There are so many things associated with Valentine’s Day: roses, chocolate, greeting cards (consumerism in general), Kay commercials, romance, breakups, fancy dinners, the color red and those awful little candy hearts with messages written in powdery text speak.However, my most memorable Valentine’s Day took place in the Pizza Hut I worked at in high school. None of the above holiday cliches were involved.

It was 10:30a.m., and I was prepping the buffet for the after-church crowd. A man came in, dressed in a suit, and asked to speak to my manager. My boss often left me alone in the restaurant (note: bad), and this was one of those times. I said I was in charge.

He asked if Pizza Hut had any “reception packages.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I told him we could take reservations up to 25 people, as long as they were willing to pay gratuity. After he went back outside, I started pushing together tables and finishing up buffet work.

He came back in with what was very clearly a wedding reception party – bride in white, groom in tux, parents and grandparents of both, maid and man of honor – the whole shebang. Over the next two hours I waited on them, trying to avoid asking why they were here, why they didn’t change into normal clothes, etc..etc…

Luckily, no other customers came in, and unfortunately neither did my boss. I just wish he could’ve seen the two-tiered dessert pizza they had me make…

Happy Valentine’s all – peace to you.

Tara T.

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