Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

As the snow keeps coming down and the temperatures keep declining, bundling up is becoming necessary to even step outside. While writing my Christmas list this year, I was pondering asking Santa for a new coat, but after remembering that I have about six different coats in my closet, I decided I really do NOT need another jacket for this season. If one is looking for a new coat or jacket this winter, there are many styles to choose from that will leave one looking fresh and chic, and will leave one feeling warm and comfortable as well.

Coats and jackets are not only good for keeping one warm, but they also can help one express a personal style and taste. For this winter, designers dressed their models in coats with architectural silhouettes, and these coats definitely make a statement. But, like most of us, if one does not have $1,000 to shell out on a coat this year, there are many other options to choose from that will look great, but also will keep some money in one’s wallet.

In the respect of color, white coats are very much in style this season, and nothing looks more clean and crisp as a bright white coat, especially in peacoat and trench coat styles. The white coat’s opposite-brightly colored coats, are also very in style this season. Nothing will express one’s personal taste and make one stand out in a crowd as a brightly colored jacket. This double-breasted peacoat in bright blue will definitely keep one warm and looking good at the same time.

Longer coats and peacoats look good for this season because they have a defined structure to them, so one can imitate high-fashion designers with their architectural structures even if one’s coat is not Chanel or Marc Jacobs. Michelle Varney, sophomore, said that she likes her peacoat “because they look classy but they’re functional.” Peacoats and longer structured coats look especially good when they’re in a bold print, such as this coat from Express.

Leather jackets are also popular for this season, and can look cute without looking too edgy, depending on the style one is going for. There are also many styles of these jackets to choose from, there are motorcycle jackets that are chic, but may not be as warm as some of the other options, such as longer more insulated leather jackets. This leather jacket by GUESS is a good choice for those looking for a motorcycle jacket

The last fashionable and yet very warm and comfortable coat to rock this winter is the very popular North Face. North Face jackets are not the cheapest coats, but they are known for their quality and durability, especially when being outside in the snow, because they are water-repellent. The North Face jacket is usually around $165, and comes in black, brown, blue, and white.

“They’re warm, comfortable, and fashionable, and it goes with many things. I really like that I can wear hoodies under it too,” Kim Sikes, second-year student said of her North Face.

So, if one is looking to put a coat or jacket on your list for Santa Clause, or even looking to get a nice gift for a friend, there are many varieties of jackets and coats in style for this season.

Marcelle Bacon is a second-year student majoring in French. She can be reached at

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