Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

It’s a perfect day on the Brandywine. The sun is shining, the sky is blue with a few gray nimbus clouds, no breezes and the weather is a perfect, balmy 35 degrees . The average person would try their best to avoid this weather by camping out on a couch next to the fireplace with a nice steamy cup of hot chocolate in hand to watch the alluring scenery of “The Jersey Shore” or warm, exotic locations on the Travel Channel.

Yet, here, the participants are a group of a few hundred people in their bathrobes, skimpy bathing suits underneath the three layers of clothes they were advised to wear , standing around at the Brandywine Picnic Park for the Fourth Annual Brandywine Valley Association’s Polar Plunge on Feb 12.

Each year the Brandywine Valley Association, an association that works to improve the water quality of the local watershed, helps local municipalities to meet new federal storm water runoff management, and sponsors events that can be seen at Valley Forge Park and all along the Brandywine Valley.

Last year the B.V.A. raised $12,000 and in their four years of hosting the polar plunge the B.V.A. raised a total of $37,000.

Plungers had to pay a fee of $35, or $25 for a student with a valid school I.D., plus whatever was made through fundraising, which was strongly encouraged.

However, it wasn’t all about the plunging. Those brave enough and looking for a good laugh dressed up in costumes to participate in the costume contest.

One man braved the elements-and his integrity-by dressing up as a hula dancer complete with a hula skirt and coconut bra. He was the winner of the Golden Plunger. Sharon Parker, Super intendent for the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District, was runner-up with her costume “Flotine D’Brees.”

Student organizations on campus such as Circle K helped volunteer and participate in the event. All in all, the polar plundge was an extreme success

Jessica Cavaliere is a student majoring in English with a minor in creative writing and philosophy She can be reached at

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