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This is Dr. Garrett Molholt’s twenty-fourth year teaching at West Chester University. Molholt is a professor of Linguistics at WCU, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Molholt is officially a faculty member of the English department; however, he also teaches and is a part of the Languages and Cultures Department at the university . He is currently teaching a new course for education majors about teaching English language learners .

Dr. Molholt has a lot of professional experience that separates him from many others.

He has extensive international experience, starting out as a musician for the United States Army in Germany, conducting graduate linguistics research in India, teaching in both Saudi Arabia and Taiwan and helping out with research projects in Japan.

Dr. Molholt has also helped out and been a part of two consulting projects. One of his consulting projects was with Planetlingo, an internet company based in Hollywood, Ca. that provides spoken language services. He helped create feedback that corrected and developed Japanese English speakers’ language skills and grammar.

Dr. Molholt also assessed the proficiency of spoken Arabic, Chinese and Korean to American-English speakers at the United States Military Academy located in West Point, Pa.

Dr. Molholt started his career as a professor at WCU in the fall of 1987. He says what he likes best about teaching at WCU is the students and his fellow faculty members.

“West Chester students have enormous potential, yet they tend to be relatively modest, polite and diligent,” he says.

He also adds that he finds it wonderful that the university’s faculty is willing to team up and join forces on creative and interesting projects.

Not only is he currently teaching, but Dr. Molholt is also working on a project involving computers.

He is doing research on how computers can characterize the spoken English language , how we can transmit it and how much we need human input when it comes to governing the guidelines of spoken English.

Dr. Molholt notes that “so far, it appears that a hybrid system, combining the skills of computers and humans is currently the best solution, especially when faced with large numbers of speakers to evaluate.”

Dr. Molholt is a highly successful and experienced professor at WCU that students can definitely learn from.

Angela Thomas is a fourth year student majoring in English with a minor in web technology. She can be reached at AT683005@wcupa.edu.

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