Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


 Every member of our West Chester University community has a responsibility to contribute to a safe and welcoming campus environment for those who work and learn at the University and for campus visitors and guests.  

   All individuals associated with the University—including visitors, guests, and external-organization program sponsors—also have the immediate responsibility to contact the University’s Department of Public Safety at 610 436-3311 if they witness or become aware of any crime occurring on the WCU campus or during a WCU-sponsored program or event.  

   Those who witness or are aware of a crime are also encouraged to follow up, as appropriate, to ensure that the reported incident has been pursued for investigation.  Page 10 of the WCU 2011 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (available at: further highlights the policy on reporting crimes.

   It is also important that each member of the West Chester University community be aware of other prohibited behavior/acts and the policies and procedures for addressing them.  Such policies include those on sexual harassment:


sexual assault:

(, and the acceptable use of information technology resources and systems 


  All members of our University community are expected to review these policies to become informed about the guidelines and the offices where violations should be reported.

  Recent news stories have reminded us all—employees, students, and others associated with the University—that we have a responsibility to ensure that our work with minors is conducted in an appropriate and legal manner.  Suspected crimes and/or inappropriate behavior against minors who are a part of a University program must be reported immediately to the WCU Public Safety Department, which will liaison as necessary with the Chester County Office of Children Youth and Families.  In addition, all University employees, contracted employees, volunteers, and external-organization employees who have direct programmatic interaction with minors in University-related programs are required to have a completed background check.  The sponsors of external organizations who conduct University-related programs are also required to obtain abuse and molestation insurance.

   I appreciate everyone’s efforts to contribute to a safe and welcoming environment at West Chester University.  

   Thank you. 

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