Tue. Jun 6th, 2023


Thanksgiving is one of our fine nation’s greatest holidays. It is a great holiday for everyone to celebrate, yet sometimes it seems like people do not know that it is the next holiday coming up. Immediately after Halloween, Christmas music starts blaring on the radio and stores start having their annual Christmas sales.  Some people even start putting up their Christmas decorations. Why is this? Well for one Christmas is by far the biggest holiday of the United States of America. Our culture is overtaken by Christmas during its season. This is because Christmas has more noticeable characteristics. There are many Christmas movies, songs, and television specials. Has anyone ever heard of a popular Thanksgiving song, movie, or television special? That is why there is very little to the lead to Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas because they have more media.

That is not to say Thanksgiving is not popular. Of course it is. It is just the single day that everyone celebrates. Like Christmas, Thanksgiving has its traditions, such as a big dinner with special people. I am just hoping people do not exhaust their Christmas spirit by starting the celebration two months in advance! Then again, Americans probably have no exhaust limit to their Christmas spirit. So I will end this reminding everyone to remember that holiday inbtween trick-or-treating and caroling. Its that holiday where we eat mashed potates with gravy, stuffing, cranberries and, of course, that delicious bird called turkey. It is fun for the whole family.

Happy Thanksgivng season West Chester!

~Jack Barnett

Op-Ed Editor

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