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On Oct. 27, before the cold season officially set in and the crisp fall still lingered, the English Club enjoyed a spot of tea embarking on their first visit to The Lincoln Room in West Chester, Pa. Despite the positive responses and reviews, as well as the personal charm advertized on the room’s website, the club was still vastly unprepared for the wonderful, adventure that awaited them. This quaint and old-fashioned tea room is truly a historic treasure of West Chester that offered more than the club’s members could ever have anticipated.

Part of the charm of this 19th century petite tea room, is its success in greatly capturing the essence of West Chester. Built in the year 1833, The Lincoln Room was originally purposed as West Chester’s first office building, but got its name in honor of the building’s publication of Abraham Lincoln’s first biography on Feb. 11, 1860. Perhaps easily missed by those aimlessly passing by, the shop is tucked below street level, and escapes the hustle and bustle of the street life. 

With each descending step entering the room, customers pass by a tranquil water fountain. The descent into the room invites the customers to slowly drift back into the 19th century. The room itself is calm and quiet. It greets its customers with a serene and peaceful atmosphere mixed with scents of loose-leaf tea, and complemented by soft playing music that seems to originate from thin air. 

“I loved how quaint it was. The Lincoln Room has a really charming feeling,” English Club member Veronica Mattaboni commened

“Something that stuck out to me about the tea room was its small, comfortable feel,” club member Amy Cavanaugh remarked on her first impressions of the room.

There is an elegant air about the room that is further upheld by the room’s amiable and charismatic customer service. Enough positive words cannot be expressed to the room’s servers, who greeted new customers like old friends. 

The room was tastefully decorated for Halloween and the fall season.  “I enjoyed the way [the shop] was decorated, especially the candles in the fireplace,” Cavanaugh adds. 

This spot, the club was told, is the most picturesque in the room and was a necessary picture-perfect moment for the club. The fireplace is still in perfect working condition but was then being operated by fall scented candles. 

The English Club took advantage of The Lincoln Room’s special offer, “Tea for Three,” which allowed three members to share two pots of tea, a plate of eight tea sandwiches for each, and a plate of bite-sized desserts. As an appetizer, The Lincoln Room offered tomato soup and vegetarian vegetable with brown rice. 

The club enjoyed sampling two of the shop’s wide array of tea selections, each individually described on the reverse of the menu. The club enjoyed hot cinnamon spice which perfectly suited the cool fall day as well as Jasmine which smelled of honeysuckle and tasted subtly sweet. 

The plate of tea sandwiches included chicken salad and cucumber and the dessert plate included bite sized brownies, bread pudding, Halloween short-bread cookies and cinnamon raisin scones. 

“I enjoyed all of the food items I tried, so it’s hard to pick a favorite,” Cavanaugh replied, when asked what her favorite item on the menu was. 

The English Club’s experience was memorable and one that they will not soon forget. The Lincoln Room is the perfect place to sit in peace and enjoy a lovely meal. 

In reflecting on the club’s adventure to the room, Mattaboni remarked “[it] was a wonderful experience” and suggested that the room caters to more than just tea lovers: “lots of people would enjoy it.” English Club members intend to make this experience a semi-annual club tradition.

The Lincoln Room is located at 28 W Market Street at Wilmont Mews West Chester, Pa. The shop is within easy walking distance from West Chester’s campus, only a few steps away from The Market Street Grill. The price range is very affordable for college students and can be found on their website. For more information, visit The Lincoln Room suggests making reservations in advance (610) 696-2102. 

To find out more about the English club and their upcoming events, email English club President, Laura Wayne, or you may find the club on Facebook by visiting:

Laura Wayne is a third year student majoring in English literature with minors in Spanish and business and technical writing. She can be reached at

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