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The Strategic Planning Resource Council (SPRC) discussed revisions of the Strategic Plan for Excellence at a Student Government Association meeting (SGA) on Tuesday Nov. 6 at 7:00 p.m.The Plan for Excellence was published in 2001 and, according to the Plan, aims to aid the university’s in becoming “the nation’s premier regional, comprehensive university.”

Last spring, SPRC surveyed SGA to implement revisions on the Plan. As of now, the Plan includes a five-point focus on responsiveness, student success, diversity, human capital and resourcefulness.

Members of the SPRC distributed the Plan, which was last updated in June 2007, and a one member from the council went to different points in the student senate body for suggestions.

“[The Plan] governs everything that the university does,” Giovanni Casotti, a member of SPRC said.

The changes so far have been concerning academic advising.

Students were advised by Casotti to keep the document as well. He said that the goal of the Plan was to “implement change on campus.”

According to Walter Cressler, a librarian at WCU, the Council has been aiming to respond and even create environmental awareness, to produce “global sustainability.”

He said that recycling has been a pressing concern.

There have been “a lot of set backs,” Cressler said.

One student suggested, during the session when council members consulted with students, that the campus, especially the sidewalks, should be more compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

The Plan will be revised in 2010, at that time the University will be reviewed for it Middle States Accreditation according to Cressler.

The Plan is revisedevery ten years. In 2010, it will be revised again.

Nicole Fortuna is a second-year student of the Honors College majoring in English with a minor in Linguistics. She can be reached at

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