Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

To the Editor:

I was very dismayed earlier this week to find a student directory readily available for anyone to pick up in the Sykes Student Union. The student directory contains every student’s name, address, and telephone number. In addition, I do not recall being asked permission by anyone to have this information released. I fail to see the need for the aforementioned to be published since the adminstration office has all of our necessary contact information. Additionally, if one student needs to contact another, they can find that student’s school e-mail address very easily by searching for their name on the school website. Given the current climate in our society and particularly around our campus lately, it seems very foolish for the school to feel the need to publish this information. Any would-be stalker now has all of the information they need at their disposal. It seems to me that an institution of higher education would demonstrate more common sense before performing an action so blatantly stupid. I hereby implore the administration to immediately cease making students’ personal information so easily obtainable. Hopefully this can be achieved before our information ends up in the wrong hands.

Shawn Shillingford

Third-year Student

To The Editor:

There are many people who remember that in the mid-70’s Congress enacted fuel economy standards that doubled the gas mileage for new vehicles over ten years. As a result, the United States saves 3 million barrels of oil per day, making it the most successful energy-saving measure ever adopted. This all happened before I was born. Within my lifetime gas mileage has actually stagnated and fallen back to its lowest levels. As a college student, I’m concerned about the country’s future and the future of myself. There is a growing concern about global warming and our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. The time has come for Congress to look forward again and support an increase in fuel efficiency of 35 mpg by 2020. This important step will save our hard earned money at the pump and help improve our national security. I ask that everyone to urge Rep. Kanjorski to support a comprehensive energy bill that includes strong fuel economy standards for our cars and trucks.

Ashley Nicholes

Third-year Student

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