Sun. May 26th, 2024

From Thursday, Feb. 9 through Sunday, Feb. 12, the J.P Adler Studio Theatre in the E.O. Bull Center lit up with some very colorful and lively entertainment. Once Upon a Terrible Time: Three Tangled Tales was performed by the West Chester University Theatre’s Traveling Players, a performance group geared towards younger audiences.The creative story was adapted and directed by faculty member Jane W. Saddoris and starred a fun group of West Chester students. Meant not only to entertain but also to teach children lessons in behavior and imagination, the show put smiles on the faces of both young and old audience members.

The story centers on the troubled birthday of a grumpy 8-year-old. After having her favorite new present – a marionette doll – all tangled up and fighting with her very best friend, she goes to bed in not the greatest of moods. Before she falls asleep, however, her tangled marionette comes to life and brings in the Traveling Players to help cheer her up. Then through a series of Three Tangled Tales, which included desired trips to Australia, two feuding princesses and a funny muffin-eating, chubby dragon, all bad moods are vanished by the play’s conclusion.

Complete with bright costumes, funny props and a versatile set, the production was polished with a professional enthusiasm. The talented cast acted, sung, danced and joked their way through the performance, keeping children in awe and adults laughing from the moment it began.

The production was a definite good time for all who attended and a job well done by the Traveling Players.

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